Body positivity

I woke up this morning feeling a little defensive. Not for any particular reason. I just feel like there is so much focus on my body recently, I feel like so much is being overlooked. I’m a strong, confident (mostly) woman. I have a lot to say, but all we’ve talked about lately is weight. I’ll never be what society sees as “perfect.” And I’m okay with that.

I was really looking for some body positivity this morning. Something that could give me a little boost. But when I Google “body positivity ad,” this is the second picture that came up. The first one was of guys recreating Calvin Klein underwear ads.


So, this is what body positivity looks like now? If you look further down, you’ll find the Lane Bryant, I’m No Angel ad.


This one is a little better, but still not fully inclusive of all sizes.

Why do you have to be in your underwear to show body positivity?? To show beauty?

In an effort to not turn this into some feminist rant, I’m going to stop here. But, I will leave you this.


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One thought on “Body positivity”

  1. Those ads! Ugh. I’m right there with you struggling with figuring out how to be okay with the body I have (especially in this transitory time when one day my legs look strong and the next all I see is flab and I never see anything resembling a model!)


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